Bouquets Preserved

...are your preservation specialists in South Australia.

We are a family business that exclusively preserves flowers and have built a reputation of quality and excellence.

Most flowers can be preserved. Your bouquet is carefully disassembled, preserved, re-coloured and treated, then reconstructed back to its original form, giving it the fresh look, as it was on your wedding day. You can have your bouquet arranged around your wedding certificate, or built back to its original form.

With technology and modern methods, there is very little that cannot be preserved. Your bridal bouquet is so special; it is well worth preserving, and why not have this symbol of marriage on your gift list.

The flower of love, the rose, preserves especially well, along with Gerberas, lilies, orchids are all great choices. Horseshoes, buttonhole and plaque can be added at no extra cost. Note: A small charge to add veil and tiara

Special Occasion Flowers

• Engagement Flowers
• Valentine Sprays
• Mother's Day Arrangements
• Funeral Tributes

What a wonderful idea for a few friends or family members to give as a symbol of their love.

Many frames are available; we have frames to suit almost any decor. Our three dimensional frames are of the finest quality custom made designs, and our range is extensive.


Handle with Care

It is most important that your flowers are handled very carefully throughout your wedding day.
After you are announced into the reception you usually won't need your flowers for any more formal photography.

It is advisable to have reception staff arrange for a vase of water for your flowers. Alternatively have a box or esky-like container ready for transportation to us. A small ice pack is recommended to keep flowers cool.

Under no circumstances should flowers be placed in refrigerator.


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